What features Your Umbrella should Have to Ensure Maximum Protection

Having been used by civilisation for over 3,000 years, the umbrella is essential for the British weather. As we depend on these inventions, what are the fundamental features an umbrella should have to ensure maximum protection?

Umbrellas are available in hundreds of colours and sizes, which can feel like an overwhelming choice. Here we narrow the list to eight features your umbrella should have to ensure maximum protection.

1. A large canopy

Ensure the weather will not catch you out by choosing a rain protector with a large canopy. Golf umbrellas offer the largest shape and greatest protection from the rain, sitting comfortably over you and keeping you dry.

2. Durable construction

An umbrella is much more than a simple and practical weather accessory, with not many things more frustrating than a blown inside-out umbrella on the way to work. When spending your hard-earned money, an umbrella should be exceptionally strong and built to last, offering you the best protection in both windy and wet weather.

Choose an umbrella created from tough and light materials, such as steel and carbon fibre. These materials make it strong but also light enough to carry.

3. Vents

Another excellent design feature to look out for is a vented canopy. A vent at the top of the umbrella enables the heat and wind to escape, making it much more comfortable during use.

4. UV protection

Recent innovations in fabric have ensured that damaging UV rays from the sun cannot penetrate through some high-quality umbrellas.

The Land Rover golf umbrella not only shields you from the rain but also offers extra protection from UV rays during sunny days outside. The umbrella's remarkable quality and shape also ensure your eyes are shielded from the sun, whether on the golf course or enjoying the weather on a countryside walk.

5. Simple opening functionality

A simple but strong opening function ensures you can put your umbrella up quickly when you most need it.

6. Grip handle

Choose an umbrella that has a sturdy and comfortable handle, such as the Land Rover golf umbrella. This umbrella has a soft-touch rubber handle that provides increased grip, which is particularly useful during adverse weather.

7. Quality fabric

A long-lasting and hard-wearing fabric canopy for an umbrella is essential. This ensures not only that it will keep you dry but also that it will last for many years to come.

8. Storage case

A storage case ensures your umbrella stays well-protected when storing, travelling, or slung in the back of your car. A well-designed and sturdy carry case will keep your umbrella in great condition. Consider a case with a carry handle, which makes the umbrella easy to transport and much more practical for use.

Be ready for anything with a Land Rover golf umbrella from Land Rover's exclusive collection of umbrellas. You may not be able to rely on the British weather, but you can always rely on a Land Rover umbrella.