Models Every Land Rover Enthusiast Should Have

If you are an avid collector it doesn't matter what your passion is - stamps, teapots or cars - there are certain coveted makes and models that you yearn to have in your collection. Whether they are rare models or simply those that pique your interest, every collector is always on the lookout for the perfect item to extend or complete their collection.

If you collect and buy Land Rover models here are seven types that you should definitely have in your collection.

Land Rover Series II Fire Appliance

This iconic vehicle, used by the fire service, stood out from the crowd because the hose was wrapped around the bonnet, alongside the spare wheel. The series II was also often used by other emergency services, such as the ambulance service. At a scale of 1:76 the model comes with plenty of detail.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

One of the more modern vehicles from Range Rover, it was launched as recently as 2011 and comes in a three and five-door version. It is the fourth iteration of the luxury Range Rover model.

Defender Pre-2000 Scale Model

Developed from the original Land Rover which was launched in the late 1940s, the pre-2000 version is a classic model that will enhance any collection.

Defender Pullback

Add a little motion to your Land Rover collection with a pullback version of the Defender. This four-wheel drive vehicle is an iconic model in the range and, at a scale of 1:38, slightly larger than some scale models.

If you're looking to buy Land Rover models there are plenty available online, including from stores such as

Series 1 Hue 166

No Land Rover collection would be complete without a vehicle that includes the iconic HUE 166 number plate, the plate of the first Land Rover to roll off the production line. The series one was produced for ten years from 1948 to 1958, and full-scale vehicles are still as sought after today as the scale model versions.

Defender Final Edition 3 Piece Set

Based on the original Land Rover series and launched in the 1980s, the Defender has been produced in a variety of body types and engine sizes. This three-pack celebrates the three final editions.

Discovery Sport

At nearly thirty years old and affectionately known as the 'Disco' this model was at the forefront of high tech engineering, and oozed luxury. The Discovery was the first of the Land Rover models that aimed to attract the mass market rather than just the gentry or farmers. It's a great addition to any collection.

Many of these models come in varying scales, which add a little bit of diversity to your collection. Whatever additions you choose to make to your collection you can be certain that models from this most iconic of British brands will hold their value for resale whilst giving you hours of pleasure in the meantime. All you need then is a display cabinet to show them off!