Five reasons why your vehicle needs tyre valve caps

Tyre valve caps are often underestimated by car owners but they play an important role in looking after your car tyres. It is worth remembering that everything in your vehicle has a role to play, big or small, and tyre valve caps are no exception. In this article we take a look at what they do and provide useful tips to ensure you enjoy your driving experience.

Secure seal

Most tyre valve caps are made of soft plastic and aren't equipped with a separate seal. Better quality ones sometimes have a rubber washer or seal inside them which makes them airtight. Ultimately, the latter type of valves are the best ones, ensuring dirt and moisture cannot enter the tyre valve.

Tyre pressure

Tyre caps have an important role to play in tyre pressure; if not looked after, they can have an impact on both quality and safety. They are easy to shop for when you buy Land Rover Discovery accessories, so make sure you don't neglect this easy job.

Safe driving

Not many people associate tyre caps with driving safety. If missing, dirt can gather around the valve stem, often resulting in being pushed into the tyre as it is being inflated, causing it not to close securely meaning that tyre pressure is ultimately lost. Insufficient pressure can have a direct and dangerous impact on safety. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent dirt from entering an uncapped tyre valve. And it is not just dirt that can enter the inside of the valve stem. Moisture, as well as dirt, can potentially contaminate the seals and cause leaks. If you are worried that dirt may well have entered the tyre valve, we recommend letting some of the air out of the tyre before using a compressor. The distinctive hissing noise will alert you to this. You may well have to do this on a number of occasions to clear a sufficient amount of air. It is worth remembering, however, that this method is not a foolproof one but it is definitely worth a try. Of course, its success is based on just how much dirt has entered the tyre valve and this can be impossible to calculate.


When you buy Land Rover Discovery accessories, you probably aren't thinking of clean streets and roads. The same can be said when buying tyre valve caps. However, it is worth remembering that UK roads can have potholes and driving off-road can put a strain on tyres. Driving through puddles, mud and sand increase the chances of dirt and grit entering the tyre valve.

Cost effective

In conclusion, we would definitely recommend purchasing quality tyre valve caps. They are cost effective and help to avoid problems in the future and in turn, help to reduce the cost of tyre repairs should the typre valves fail. It is also worth checking that the valve stem caps are properly tightened when you have your car serviced.