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Polished chrome keyring with unique Range Rover Bezel design and knurled finish. Features a split ring and ring connector.

Choose from either a white or black Range Rover keyring to neatly store all of your keys in one place. This beautifully crafted ceramic and chrome keyring features a knurled pattern derived from the Range Rover's rotary drive selector and helps to showcase a sense of finesse about your keys.The split ring and ring connector is a great way to ensure your keys will stay safely in one place, providing only enough leeway to prise the ring open slightly so you can fit various keys securely within the ring.Aid to prevent loss with the use of this Range Rover split ring keyring and keep all of the keys you need readily available. A beautifully succinct and minimalist way to decorate your keys whilst helping to provide a wonderfully practical way to ensure their safety.

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